HUAMO Stainless Steel 304 Cartridges Filter Housing


Cartridge Filter Housing, also known as security filters, are generally installed before the pressure vessel to remove fine particles with a turbidity of more than 1 degree to meet the requirements of the subsequent process for water intake; sometimes they are also installed at the end of the entire water treatment system to prevent small particles Particles, such as broken resin, enter the finished water.

Most of the Cartridge Filter Housing devices (also known as security filters) are made of stainless steel with a filter element (such as PP sediment filter cartridge) inside, which are mainly used after multi-media pretreatment filtration and before reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other membrane filtration equipment. It is used to filter out fine substances (such as tiny quartz sand, activated carbon particles, etc.) after multi-media filtration to ensure the accuracy of water filtration and to protect the membrane filter element from being damaged by large particles. The precision grades of the filter cartridges installed in the Cartridge Filter Housing device can be divided into 0.5μs, 1μs, 5μs, 10μs, etc., and different filtration precisions are selected according to different application occasions to ensure the accuracy of the rear effluent and the safety of the membrane elements of the latter stage.

PP cotton, nylon, meltblown and other different materials are used as filter elements to remove microscopic suspended solids, bacteria and other impurities in the water, so that the quality of the raw water meets the influent requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane.


I. Process principle

The Stainless Steel Security filter is a cartridge filter, and its working principle is to use the 5μm pores of the PP filter element for mechanical filtration. Trace suspended particles, colloids, microorganisms, etc. remaining in the water are trapped or adsorbed on the surface and pores of the filter element. With the increase of water production time, the filter element will gradually increase its operating resistance due to the pollution of the retentate. When the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches 0.1MPa, the filter element should be replaced. The main advantages of security filters are high efficiency, low resistance and easy replacement.


II. Structure and Principle

The security filter adopts a shaped filter material. Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter material, the filter residue remains on the tube wall, and the filtrate flows out through the filter material, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. Structure: filter cloth, filter screen, filter disc, sintered filter tube, wire wound filter element, meltblown filter element, etc. Due to the different filter materials, the filter pore size is also different. Cartridge Filter Housing is a kind of filtration between sand filtration (coarse filtration) and ultrafiltration, and the filtration pore size is generally in the range of 0.5~120μm. The same form of filter material can be divided into different specifications according to the external size. There are two types of wire-wound filter elements (also known as honeycomb filter elements): one is polypropylene fiber---polypropylene skeleton filter element, the highest temperature is 60℃; the other is absorbent cotton fiber---stainless steel skeleton filter element, the maximum service temperature is 120℃ °C. The melt-blown filter element is made of polypropylene as a raw material and is formed by a melt-blown process. The maximum working temperature is 60 °C. Cartridge Filter Housing can remove suspended solids, some colloidal substances and small particles in water.


III. Features

1. Can effectively remove suspended solids, rust, etc. in the liquid.

2. Can withstand higher filtration pressure.

3. The unique deep mesh structure enables the filter element to have a higher slag holding capacity.

4. The filter element can be made of various materials to meet the needs of various fluid filtration.

5. Small size, large filter area, small resistance and long service life


IV. Function and Purpose

In order to prevent the suspended particles that are not completely removed or newly generated in the pretreatment from entering the Reverse Osmosis Water System and protect the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane, a filter-type security filter is usually installed before the reverse osmosis water inlet. Generally, the pore size is less than 10 μm, and it can be designed to be 5 μm or lower according to the actual design situation.


V. Components

The Stainless Steel Cartridges Filter Housing is mainly composed of filter shell, filter element, etc. Most of the filter shell is composed of R304 stainless steel material. If it is used in special occasions such as acid and alkali resistance, R316 stainless steel can be used as the shell. It can be divided into flange type and clamp type, and the flange type housing is mainly used in the occasions where the filtering flow is large. The filter element installed in the middle of the filter housing is mainly made of PP filter cotton core. In some occasions, a wire-wound filter element or an activated carbon filter element can also be used. The number of filter elements installed can vary from one to dozens, which is mainly determined according to the size of the processing capacity.