Introduction Of The Installation Method of FRP Membrane Housing


Before performing any operation on the FRP Membrane Housing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the identification of the product accessory pattern. Wrong assembly of the FRP membrane shell or the use of rusted membrane shell components will seriously affect the sealing performance of the membrane shell and leave a safety hazard. How should the FRP membrane housing be installed?

1. Carefully review the engineering drawings of the installed membrane shell to clarify the key dimensions and technical requirements;

2. Design and manufacture the bracket according to the engineering drawings and system capacity. The design of the bracket should not only consider the support of the FRP Membrane Shell, but also ensure the supporting structure of the piping and pipe network;

3. Check whether the membrane shell to be installed is intact, focusing on the inner surface of the membrane shell and the original/concentrated nozzle sealing surface;

4. Install the Fiberglass Membrane Housing on the positioned saddle, make sure that there is enough space for installing and unloading the membrane elements at both ends of the membrane shell, and align the original/concentrated water port at the end of the membrane shell;

Note: The membrane housing should be installed as far as possible to avoid stress concentration. When the original/concentrated water end is fixed, install the membrane shell in the middle of the bracket.

5. Install the strap, pass the strap bolt through the mounting hole of the bracket, use a wrench to screw the bolt into the strap nut, and the torque can reach 3~5N.m, so that the strap can firmly fix the membrane shell on the saddle Up, and at the same time give enough room for expansion of the membrane shell;

Note: Please do not install the strap bolts too tightly to avoid damaging the shell; be sure to leave enough expansion space for the membrane shell, limiting the expansion of the membrane shell will damage the FRP RO Membrane Vessel; the strap provided by Kaineng Huayu is only used when the membrane shell is running To protect and fix the membrane shell, it cannot bear the various loads that may occur during transportation.

6. Connect the membrane shell to the original/concentrated water outlet piping;

7. Assemble the end cover;

8. Load membrane elements;

9. Install a thrust ring at the thick water end;

10. Close the membrane shell;

11. Connect the clean water outlet pipeline;

12. Inspection, including but not limited to checking the fixed position of the membrane shell, the sealing condition of the membrane shell and the connection of the pipeline;

13. Pressurize and start the system.

The above are the installation steps and precautions of the Fiberglass Reverse Osmosis Membrane Vessel. The membrane shell is equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane for advanced treatment of raw water, such as seawater desalination. The correct use of FRP membrane shell helps to improve water production efficiency and ensure stable water quality.