Knowledge Of Stainless Steel Filter


Precision filter (also known as security filter), the shell of the cylinder is generally made of stainless steel, and the interior uses PP melt blown, wire-fired, folded, titanium filter, activated carbon filter and other tubular filter elements as filter elements. According to different filter media and The design process selects different filter elements to meet the requirements of effluent water quality. The body can also choose a quick-installation type for convenient and quick replacement of the filter element and cleaning. It has many characteristics such as high dirt holding capacity, strong corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow, convenient operation, long service life, and no fiber shedding. This equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for filtration, clarification, and purification of various liquids.

304 Stainless Steel Water Filter Housing

The birth of the Stainless Steel Water Filter has reduced this number to a minimum, saved the paper industry's economic expenses, and also protected the ecological environment. The precision filter itself is not high in cost, easy to operate, simple in working principle, and it is an economic and effective optional product for enterprises. In the production process of most paper mills, in order to solve the production cost, coupled with the requirements for the purity of water in papermaking, they will take water from nearby, such as rivers and lakes. The precision filter can effectively manage the sewage, and the filter screen is used to block the suspended solids, particulate matter and other impurities in the sewage, which can further pollute the water quality, reduce the turbidity of the sewage, and make the treated reclaimed water reach our country intact The discharge standard of sewage, and the reclaimed water can also be recycled, which not only can effectively realize the obligation of sewage treatment to adhere to environmental safety, but also can further enhance the recycling application of China's water resources, so that China's water resources can be recycled. It can improve the pace of pollution control more effectively.

SS Filter Housing Manufacturer

The unique integral molding and processing technology of the stainless steel 304 filter housing of the precision filter enables it to have a good effect on sewage filtration. At present, it is distributed in many industries in my country, especially the pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, food, beverage, Brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries are ideal equipment for filtration, clarification and purification of various liquids. It can effectively use the filter to intercept these impurities in the water, so that the water quality is better purified, and the reclaimed water can be used again in some facilities. Its advantages are also very many: small filtration resistance, large flux, strong dirt interception ability, long service life; strong resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical solvents, high temperature resistance, and the filter element is not easy to deform; simple operation, low operating cost, easy to clean, The filter element can be replaced. In addition, the stainless steel precision filter can effectively ensure that the equipment is in the best operating state, effectively inhibit the generation of scale, prevent the corrosion of pipeline equipment, and achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption and extending the service life of the equipment with a full range of services. It fundamentally promotes the recycling of domestic sewage and accelerates the effective improvement of water resources. It is a pillar industry for sewage treatment.

Stainless Steel Water Filter speaks with efficacy and facts, and through its own role and practice, contributes to our green homeland. It also allows us to better develop the social economy while maintaining the development of ecological balance. The stainless steel precision filter realizes technological innovation and technological progress in wastewater treatment and disposal, and gives full play to the investment and operational benefits of the facility. We should vigorously promote the use. The use of stainless steel precision filters for waste water recycling treatment is currently widely used equipment in the water treatment industry. Its simple design and good performance enable the sewage to achieve the best filtering effect.