Precautions for installation of FRP Membrane Housing


Improper assembly will seriously affect the performance of the FRP membrane shell, and even more severely may lead to personal injury and the end part bursting and failing. Today, the editor will introduce some requirements for the installation of the FRP Membrane Shell.

1. When installing the second end and the sealing plate, please pay attention to the protection of the sealing element. Lubricant should be smeared in place, especially on the slope of the inner baffle ring groove of the end head evenly to ensure that the OK-type sealing ring is lubricated and advanced.

2. Check the tightening force of the tightening nut of the bearing plate.

3. Pay attention to all the accessories of the second end, whether there is any missing installation, and whether there is any sundries missing in the FRP RO Membrane Vessel, so as to avoid damaging the filter membrane element and the membrane housing due to the high pressure drop.

4. Check whether the thrust ring is at the thick water end to prevent damage to the filter element during backwashing.

5. Check the connecting parts (by Belling, clamp) to ensure that they are installed in place.

6. After the installation and inspection are completed, start to slowly add water to the membrane module (in the membrane housing) to discharge the membrane element and the air in the End Port RO Membrane Housing. Relieve the pressure after emptying, and reciprocate several times to prevent water hammer and ensure that the sealing ring can stretch freely and reset.

7. The pressure in the fresh water pipe should not exceed 125PSI, and pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter or water blocking phenomenon in the water purification pipe.

8. The membrane shell cannot be used as a load-bearing carrier, and cannot be used for load or pressure on the upper part, and cannot be used for directly connected accessories.

The above are the precautions for the installation of the FRP Membrane Shell Housing.