Something We Need To Know About Ultrafiltration Membrane


Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of polymer semipermeable membrane used in ultrafiltration process to separate polymer colloid or suspended particles of certain size from solution. Taking pressure as the driving force, the pore size of the membrane is 1-100 nm, which is an asymmetric membrane type. The pore density is about 10/cm, and the operating pressure difference is 100-1000kPa. It is suitable for removing colloidal particles and macromolecules, and can separate solutions with a concentration of less than 10%.

According to the shape of the membrane, the ultrafiltration membrane can be divided into

① flat film;

②Tubular ultrafiltration membrane, inner diameter>10nm;

③Capillary ultrafiltration membrane, inner diameter 0.5010.00nm;

④Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, inner diameter <0.5nm;

⑤Porous ultrafiltration membrane

The application range of Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane is extremely wide. Basically, the industries involved in filtration can use filtration equipment. The basic filtration industries are as follows: in the preparation process of pure water and ultrapure water, it is used as reverse osmosis pretreatment and the terminal of ultrapure water. Treatment; used for separation of bacteria, heat source, colloid, suspended impurities and macromolecular organic matter in industrial water; purification of drinking water and mineral water; concentration, purification and clarification of fermentation, enzyme preparation industry and pharmaceutical industry; fruit juice concentration and separation; soybean, Separation, concentration and clarification of dairy products, sugar industry, wine, tea juice, vinegar, etc.; purification and recovery of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage; recovery of electrophoretic paint.

Commonly used cleaning methods are chemical cleaning:

1. Acid solution cleaning: Commonly used solutions include hydrochloric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, etc. The pH of the solution is 2~3, and it is better to remove inorganic impurities by circulating cleaning or soaking for 0.5h~1h.

2. Alkaline solution cleaning: The commonly used alkali is mainly NaOH. The pH of the prepared solution is about 10~12. Use water circulation operation to clean or soak for 0.5h~1h and then cycle cleaning, which can effectively remove impurities and grease.

3. Oxidant cleaning agent: Use 1%~3% H2O2, 500~1000mg/LNaClO and other aqueous solutions to clean the ultrafiltration membrane, which can remove dirt and kill bacteria. H2O2 and NaClO are commonly used fungicides.

4. Enzymatic detergents: such as 0.5%~1.5% pepsin, trypsin, etc., are effective for removing protein, polysaccharide and oil pollutants.

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