What We Need Know About Anti-fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane


The technical principle of the Anti-fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane that other substances cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane under the action of the osmotic pressure higher than that of the solution. The anti-fouling reverse osmosis membrane has a very small pore size, so it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organics, etc. in water.


The anti-fouling reverse osmosis membrane is suitable for more stringent pretreatment, but the feed water still contains organic pollutants and other pollutants. The new Anti-fouling RO Membrane has excellent anti-fouling ability and cleanability. Because its membrane is electrically neutral, it greatly reduces the adsorption of bacteria and microorganisms on the membrane surface; the widest water supply channel makes it not only strong against pollution, but also effective in recovery after chemical cleaning. It is widely used in the regeneration and utilization of urban sewage and industrial wastewater, as well as the desalination of slightly polluted surface water, the reuse of cooling cycle sewage and other application fields.


1. Compared with ordinary Reverse Osmosis Membranes Manufacturer, the anti-fouling reverse osmosis membrane has improved the membrane surface roughness and electrical properties of the membrane surface, which improves the anti-pollution ability, reduces the number of chemical cleanings, and saves operating costs. .

2. Anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane, as a new type of reverse osmosis membrane technology, is widely used in projects such as concentration, purification, separation, etc., especially in waste water recovery, reclaimed water reuse and other projects, playing a key role.

3. It is hardly affected by the adsorption of charged substances such as surfactants. Different from the structure and material of the conventional filter, it effectively improves the anti-biological fouling performance of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element and ensures the stable operation of the water treatment system.

4. Anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane has good anti-pollution ability and cleaning performance, which greatly reduces the adsorption of bacteria and microorganisms on the membrane surface. The water supply channel is very wide, so the water flow is large.